Buy-Sell Indicator Non-Repaint


  • Original Indicator
  • Currency pair: All
  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Trading time: Every time
  • Timeframe: M15, M30, H1
  • Instant Download in Zip file
  • Life time license with unlimited Pc/Laptop
  • Type of strategy: Scalping and short term
  • Recommended Broker:Β ICMARKETΒ Β EXNESS

Non-repaint indicators are the indicators that cannot change their values when the price bar is closed. It is a technical indicator. The non-repaint indicator does not change the trading area and value on the graph. The line on different candlesticks non-repaint scalping indicators remains the same for the same time duration. The line on the chart are non-repaint and they do not move with time.

The most important fact of this indicator is that it tells you how much risk is involved in your trade. A non-repaint indicator will never expire.

Non Repaint Forex Indicator



  • 1. First made red color Indicator on a top candle chart.
  • 2. Second made same time bottom indicator give red dot signal.
  • 3.Only 2 Confirmation after instant take sell entry


  • 1. First made green color Indicator on a bottom candle chart.
  • 2. Second made same time bottom indicator give green dot signal.
  • 3.Only 2 Confirmation after instant take buy entry

This is mannual scalping trading indicator don’t take SL and TP


This indicator is used for scalping. Scalping is a trading style that is skilled in making a profit from small price changes. It makes the profit more suitable. Traders require having a strict exit strategy; only one large loss can eliminate all the small gains of a trader from the trade. It is used to buy or sell a currency pair and they can also use it for the short term to make a profit. This indicator is used to show overbought and oversold in the indicator. This indicator is designed for Meta trader 4Β  platforms. This indicator is specially designed for Forex trading.

Many traders are using this indicator in the market for help in future predictions so that they can make the right direct entry in the market and enter in a good trade to get better and healthy profit.

forex system

Non-Repaint line Indicator For Buy & Sell

Traders are safe to trade with the help of this indicator. It is very easy to take profits with the help of this indicator if you use this indicator in a better manner. This indicator is also used for trend trading and detecting the changes in the market. It is one of the most accurate indicators used as non-repaint indicators. It is highly accurate for trending movements. Traders can easily see market conditions.

This indicator works very well for entry filters for trades. This is an unbelievable indicator for technical analysts. It includes a lot of advanced features non-repaint indicator forex factory that can help new traders. It is very useful for traders that trade with different currencies.


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