Laura Snedeker – Tradeguider – The ABCs of VSA Trading Course


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Laura Snedeker – Tradeguider – The ABCs of VSA Trading Course

What does the ABCs of the VSA course include?

The ABCs of VSA trading course, included with Tradeguider’s SMART Center package, consists of the following 15 core modules:

  • – Module 1: The Terminology
  • – Module 2: The VSA indicators
  • – Module 3: Email notifications
  • – Module 4: Relative volume
  • – Module 5: Volume thermometer
  • – Module 6: Trade management tools
  • – Module 7: The Symbol Scanner
  • – Module 8: Bar info window
  • – Module 9: Distribution phase
  • – Module 10: Accumulation Phase
  • – Module 11: Support & Resistance
  • – Module 12: Trading Plan
  • – Module 13: The Sharpshooter  Strategy
  • – Module 14: SMART Center overview plus colors & fonts
  • – Module 15: SMART Center alert parameters

SMART Center comes built with the SharpShooter Strategy, a rules-based trading strategy to add structure & consistency to your trading!

Why Volume?
Volume is the activity of whom? The Smart Money
This means that volume provides:
1.Clues to what Smart Money is doing
2.Info on the start & stop of a campaign
3.Interest in higher or lower prices
4.The relative amount of supply and demand
Where do you start?
2.Start of a campaign by the Smart Money
3.How do you do it?

volume Spread Analysis developed by Veteran Trader Tom Williams is fast becoming the Third Way to Trade. Throughout the world, a growing community of traders and investors are embracing the methodology and using its principles to Lift the Fog on the international markets. If you want to learn how to make money in turbulent, manipulated, and volatile markets then there has never been a better time to learn how to read the chart correctly because this year will give great opportunities for both long and short trades in a number of markets and for those traders and investors who are astute enough to read the telltale footprints left in the data on YOUR charts then this will be a big opportunity: This webinar will be the best time you have spent if you want to be successful in the markets.

Here are just some of the many things you will learn in the Educational Presentations:

Gain a valuable In-depth understanding of professional trading syndicates

Identify the tricks the market makers play to catch you out

Think and trade like a predator, not the prey!
How to use VSA Strategies Successfully in your Trading
How to trade in harmony with the Smart Money
How Volume Spread Analysis will support Technical and Fundamental Analysis.
Strategies for Keeping Winners for Longer
Strategies for Cutting Losers Sooner


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